15 Best Thriller Web Series on Amazon Prime in Hindi (2024)

Amazon Prime is known for giving us a lot of excellent web series. And, in case you are a big enthusiast of thriller series that will keep you on your seat’s edge, we have brought for you the 15 best thriller series on amazon prime in Hindi. You will love to watch all of them so much that your soul will wish to behold them again and again.

From suspenseful enigmas of murder to clinging political nail-biters, these series will keep you hooked as you start seeing them. So, how’s your mood right now? Is it prepared for the big scares? Do you want to get a thrilling ride into the world of mysteries, puzzle-solving, and suspense dramas? Then, sit tight and give us the pleasure of giving you a virtual ride! Hey! One! Two! Three! Let’s Go!

1. Inside Edge:

Do you like crime thrillers without much bloodshed? Then, just open Amazon Prime and watch this Indian thriller series. The show mainly deals with corruption in cricket. It shows how sometimes cheating is done for survival in cricket. The clever writing and exciting additions of this series will never fail from making you feel amazed.

The series shows everyone play-by-play through inside matches and explains what goes down as a player takes a catch. It will bring new life to an otherwise familiar sport in a great way and that too without presenting any undue gore and violence. So, it keeps up its suspenseful tone all throughout the series.

2. Breathe:

Want to know about another web series that is one of the best Hindi thriller web series on Amazon Prime? Then, count “Breathe” in. It’s a crime thriller that comprises 2 seasons (20 episodes). The 1st season is all about a father’s struggle for saving his son and the extent to which he can go to save his child. R. Madhavan, Sapna Pabbi, Atharva Vishwakarma, Amit Sadh, and Hrishikesh Joshi have given their best acting in it.

Also, the 2nd season of it, “Breathe into the shadows” presents before us the superb acting of Abhishek Bachchan and his onscreen wife in the sequel, Nithya Menen. This story exhibits how a mother saves her kidnapped child from danger. So, both the stories of “Breathe” & “Breathe into the shadows” are all about how far one can go by taking risks of his/her own life to protect his/her love.

3. The Family Man:

This Manoj Bajpayee-starred Indian web series is a suspense thriller exclusively composed by Amazon Prime Video. It features the character of Srikant Tiwari and his undercover job duty with the TASC cell (Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell). He also tries to hide the fact from his family members, who believe that he is doing a normal job at the office just like other persons surrounding them.

4. Mirzapur:

Now, dying to get the name of an action corruption thrill ride in a lawless and unruly city of India? Well! Trust “Mirzapur”! This Hindi suspense thriller web series on Amazon Prime will introduce you to the best actions and thrill you have ever watched. The tale of this web series is about 2 families.

It focuses on the relationships between these two families as they get involved in affairs with one other resulting in a wedding procession. Also, you will see the ignition of several other events that entangles lives then as well as now. The series comprises 2 seasons with nineteen episodes.

5. Mumbai Diaries 26/11:

Searching for a thrilling as well as a fascinating story that will enthrall your heart straight into? Then, watch the Indian web series, Mumbai Diaries 26/11, on Amazon Prime. This series constantly portrays the anxiety and pressure of the doctors and other first responders in the hospital as they face big challenges dealing with various crises and emergencies across the city.

The setting of the series is a Hospital’s Emergency Room. There the doctors, nurses, and other responders are shown handling several cases and struggling as well to save lives. Also, they are doing all these things sincerely, maintaining their sanity in the midst of everything. Excited to watch, right? Well! We too are!

6. Pataal Lok:

It’s a thriller web series on Amazon Prime Hindi, that is directed by Prosit Roy along with Avinash Arun, the talented duo. The central character of this crime drama, Jaideep Ahlawat, a policeman, is introduced here in a special way. He lands a case for himself in which 4 suspects are arrested following an attempt of assassination on a journalist. While trying to solve the case, he has to visit ‘Patal Lok’, where some startling discoveries about the pasts of the persons he arrested bewildered him.

7. The Last Hour:

“The Last Hour”, a new series on supernatural crime in Hindi is really going to grab your attention as you start watching it. Not only that, you will soon be an enthusiast of the stars, Karma Takapa, Shahana Goswami, and Sanjay Kapoor for their acting in this thriller series. The story is all about a shaman and his life, who is mysterious and can converse with spirits for his communication with people, who live on earth.

However, what he protects is something much more precious than just words and that is, knowledge about death. A police officer of the city confronts this helpful stranger. However, she risks everything while they both fend off formidable forces, trying badly not to make their love triumphant.

8. Bestseller:

Do you love Mithun Chakraborty? Then, the thriller series on amazon prime in Hindi is a must-watch for you! The show stars Shruti Hassan, Arhan Bajwa, and of course our favorite Mithun Chakraborty. This thriller story is on a novelist, who confronts a budding writer when his writer’s block was going on. Though unseemly, he thinks of using her written story for his ensuing project. However, turbulence hits when one film assistant of him wickedly attempts to demolish whatever he holds dear. Mukul Abhyankar is the director of this thriller web series.

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9. Tandav:

It’s a political thriller based in India that stars Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Anup Soni, Dino Morea, Sunil Grover, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub, and Tigmanshu Dhulia. Though India is a democratic country, its politics in it is not as simple as one can think. In Tandav, you will see the chaos of power as well as manipulation. Here you will see Indian politics’ dark side – all that happens behind closed doors. The series proves before us that everything that shines can not always be gold. So, watch this web series on Amazon Prime and get the feel of drama, thrill, and politics.

10. Afsos:

This gripping, reflective, and dark thriller can definitely be included in the list of best Hindi thriller series on Amazon Prime. Afsos being a rarity in our Indian scenario, will thrill you a lot. Afsos’s plot revolves around a character, Nakul, played by Gulshan Devaiah), the person who is unhappy with his life in Mumbai, as he struggles there as an author.

Out of depression, he decides to commit suicide. However, every time he tries to do it, he fails. The web series weaves the sad protagonist’s surrounding with his inner confrontation and conflict and thus presents before us the problems of one’s existence, his pursuit of happiness and success, and the value of life.

11. Made in Heaven:

It’s all about an agency established in agency run, planned by 2 wedding planners. Each of the episodes of this thriller attempts to uncover issues faced by modern weddings in India. The issues range from finding impotency to the ruckus created by celebrities. Each of the protagonists of this series combats their own battles and also passes from their bout of emotions. The series is a brilliant presentation of not only the bride and the groom but also their close ones, who arrives on the wedding day and gets involved in unexpected problems.

12. The Forgotten Army:

As the name suggests, “The Forgotten Army” is set on the backdrop of the Indian people’s struggle for independence. This patriotic web series is a thriller Hindi web series on Amazon Prime that brings to you some stories of the soldiers’ sacrifices as they march towards their Indian capital in the chase for their country’s freedom from the hands of the British. The valiant tales of conveniently forgotten heroes will bring tears to your eyes. The show focuses on the fighting and battles of the soldiers, set in two resembling times, that is, pre-independent time and the period of the 1990s.

13. Laakhon Mein Ek:

This Biswa Kalyan Rath-created web series is another gem in the world of Hindi web series. The thriller portrays two disconnected seasons that follow the journey of 2 separate characters. Aakash Gupta’s in Season 1 and Dr. Shreya Pathare’s in Season 2. Both seasons exhibit the fights and struggles of the protagonists as they get into unwanted situations. So, watch this web series and get inspired by their struggles. After all, who doesn’t want motivation in life to overcome the problems and unwanted situations that necessitates struggles!

14. Pushpavalli:

Pushpavalli is another Hindi thriller series on Amazon Prime, that depicts a famed start-up artist of India. Here Pushpavalli (Sumukhi Suresh) meets Nikhil, played by Manish Anand, at an event. The things spur off from there. Both of them mix up well. Pushpavalli soon falls for Nikhil. She starts a private eerie trail of tailing him. Thus, this dark thriller features Pushpavalli’s one-sided love and her pursuit of it.

15. Hostel Daze:

Enough of a grown-up thriller…how about a college thriller? Well! Hostel Daze will do the job for it. It’s a teenage thriller arranged in the backdrop of an engineering college. It features a varied background of students who come together and shares their lives. This college-based thriller focuses on 3 close friends who navigate through various college uncertainties. The build-up situations of the college, the college bully’s wrath residing in a close room, fightings, and the academy’s anecdotes abound will remind you of your college days.

The Final Words:

So, which story of the thriller web series among the above has fascinated you? We are eager to know from you! Make us known and there will be more web series like these waiting for you that we will bring for you very soon. Enjoy watching the web series and get thrilled! Bye for now! We’ll meet again!

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15 Best Thriller Web Series on Amazon Prime in Hindi (2024)
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