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Are you having trouble finding a word on that Crossword puzzle? We can help! This online and free Crossword solver will help you find the answers you need to finish your Crossword. If you have a clue or a pattern, we have the possible answers!

How to search

Find answers by providing a clue or a pattern. The search types are available from the second dropdown in the search field above. Search for clues to see if it has already been played and if we have the correct answer. For example, clues like "A great deal" or "Planet third nearest to the sun". Or find answers by providing a pattern. For example, "A*ER*CA" will find the answer "AMERICA".

Tip! Provide a pattern by using the star sign (*), this will not only specify missing letters, but also the word length.

Crossword history

The phrase "cross word puzzle" was first written in 1862 by Our Young Folks in the United States,and another crossword puzzle appeared in an Italian magazine in 1890. But on December 21, 1913,Arthur Wynne, a journalist from Liverpool, England, published a "word-cross" puzzle in the New YorkWorld that embodied most of the features of the modern genre. This puzzle is frequently cited asthe first crossword puzzle, and Wynne as the inventor. An illustrator later reversed the "word-cross"name to "cross-word”.

In 1942 a Crossword Puzzle nearly spelled the end for D-Day. Two days before the Dieppe invasion,the clue, “French port” was given in the British paper The Daily Telegraph. And the solution was“Dieppe,” given the Dieppe invasion the following day. Was it a coincidence? Read the full story.

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The New York Times began to publish a crossword puzzle on 15 February 1942, spurred on by theidea that the puzzle could be a welcome distraction from the harsh news of World War II.

Today, there are many newspapers and magazines that are known for their crossword puzzles. Adifferent crossword is typically printed every day or in every issue, and the answer (or solution) iseither found somewhere else or often not seen until the next day or issue.

Crossword types

Crossword grids such as those appearing in most North American newspapers and magazinesfeature solid areas of white squares. Another tradition in puzzle design, used in Britain in particular,is that the grid should have 180-degree rotational symmetry, so that its pattern appears the same ifthe paper is turned upside down. The design of Japanese crossword grids often follows twoadditional rules: that shaded cells may not share a side and that the corner squares must be white.The typical Scandinavian style, also called “picture crosswords” uses no clue numbers, as the cluesare contained in the cells which do not contain answers. Arrows indicate in which direction the cluesmust be answered: vertical or horizontal.

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American Crossword

An American-style grid Crossword layout.

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British Crossword

A British/Australian-style grid Crossword layout.

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Japanese Crossword

A Japanese-style grid Crossword layout.

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Scandinavian Crossword

A Scandinavian-style grid Crossword layout.

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A barred crossword-grid layout

Bold bars are used instead of shaded blocks to separate the words.

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Circle around crossword

A different type of crossword where you circle around the words.

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Circled crossword

An alternative circled-style grid Crossword layout.

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Circular Crossword

Another alternative circle-style Crossword layout.

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Spiral Puzzle

A spiral puzzle is essentially a long chain of words in two directions.

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Eccentric Crossword

The answers fall from the outside of the grid towards the centre.

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Crossword in the subway

A person works on a crossword puzzle in the subway, NYC – 2008.

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Crossword competition

Finalists competing in a crossword competition in New York City in 2019.

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As you can see, substantial variants from the usual forms exist. Two of the common ones are barredcrosswords, which use bold lines between squares (instead of shaded squares) to separate answers,and circular designs, with answers entered either radially or in concentric circles. You also havecircle around crossword where words may be spelled out in any direction - forward, backward,upward, downward, or diagonally - but always in a straight line. Less common are Spiral puzzle andEccentric crossword.

Download crossword

The New York Times Crossword puzzle is a fun way to keep your brain stimulated. Monday puzzlesare easiest, and throughout the week the puzzles progress in difficulty. If you find you cannot do theharder days, you can always go back into the archive and practice on earlier Monday and Tuesdaypuzzles and it is fun to try to keep a streak going as you complete each day. The New York TimesCrossword puzzle is available in Apple store and Google play. You can download it and start playingfresh crosswords today.

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Credit: by The New York Times Company

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How to play

A traditional crossword is made up of black and white squares, called a grid. All the white squaresappear in horizontal rows or vertical columns but are not always separated with black squares.Another way to say this is that every white square must have at least one other white squaretouching it on any side. The kind of crossword that appears in newspapers and magazines, such asthe one in the image, often has lots of white squares beside each other.

The goal of solving the puzzle is to write different words, letter-by-letter, in the white squares. Nextto the grid is a list of clues. The answer to each clue is a word or sometimes a phrase. The place inthe grid where the answer to each clue should go is shown by a number and the direction in whichthe answer appears, for example, "1 Across" or "15 Down". Many computer programs have beencreated to find the answers to these clues.

There are many types of crosswords. Straight (or Quick) crosswords are usually made up of simpledefinitions - which means that other words are used to describe the answer. Some crosswords,called cryptic crosswords, use riddles and word play and are usually more difficult than straightcrosswords.

Did you know...

...that probably more than 50 million people play crosswords just in America? Or that the world's first crossword puzzle was written in 1862 and that the first "cross word" was "dream"?

Crossword databases

Our crossword clues and answers are collected from crossword games seen in The New York Times, Washington Post and other well-known newspapers and magazines. The crosswords clues and answers are gathered from the year 1976 and all the way up to 2020. Our database contains over 500.000 clues and answers.

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“Words, words, words.„

Online Crossword helper (2024)


Where can I find answers to crossword puzzles? ›

Search thousands of crossword puzzle answers on

Is crossword clue solver free? ›

Solve crossword clues quickly and easily with our free crossword puzzle solver. Whether you need crossword puzzle answers for today or are on the hunt for past solutions, Crossword Solver helps you crack those tricky clues when you're stumped.

What is a carefully worked out plan of action crossword? ›

A stratagem is any clever scheme—sometimes one that's part of an overall strategy (i.e., a carefully worked out plan of action).

Is there a crossword solver app? ›

Crossword Solver 9+

This app will help you solve English crosswords and other similar word games. The application uses the letters you already know to find a list of possible answers.

Are there any free crossword puzzles online? › is the largest supplier of free crossword puzzles on the web, publishing 15 grids daily from an archive of more 100,000.

Is there a trick to crossword puzzles? ›

Don't necessarily start at 1-Across. Scan the puzzle for answers you know (called “gimmes”) and three-letter words (which have the fewest letter-combination possibilities). 7. The first letter of every clue is always capitalized.

How long does it take the average person to complete a crossword? ›

A classic crossword with a bigger grid is harder to predict. Experienced solvers can finish one within 5 to 10 mins, while the average player may need 20 to 25 mins.

What is the average time to solve a crossword? ›

The average time it takes to complete a crossword puzzle is 20 minutes, with a standard deviation of 5 minutes.

Is there an app to solve word puzzles? ›

word search solver is timeless puzzle game that challenges players to locate hidden words within a grid of letters.

Is crossword genius app free? ›

All this is for free. There is also a subscription available which gives you puzzles to solve and the ability to capture crosswords from newspapers via your phone camera, allowing you to solve them on your phone.

Is there a free crossword puzzle app? ›

Crossword Puzzle Free by Redstone, also known as "The crossword lovers dream app," delivers the best crossword solving experience on mobile devices, providing users with fresh content and a well-designed user interface.

What are crossword hints called? ›

Clue: A crossword clue is a hint that the solver must decipher to find the answer that is then entered into the puzzle grid. Clues are not necessarily dictionary definitions; they can involve puns, anagrams and other types of wordplay.

What is a small explosive usually thrown by hand? ›

A grenade is a small explosive device, a little bomb that can be thrown by hand. The earliest grenades were contained in ceramic jars and thrown by ancient Byzantine soldiers.

Are you allowed to look up answers for crossword? ›

As former New York Times crossword editor Will Weng once said, 'It's your puzzle and you can do it any way you please. ' In fact, I'd argue that looking up a crossword answer is good, since you both learn something new and know the answer for next time (as many crossword answers appear time and again in grids)."

Who sells crossword solvers? › Electronic Crossword Solver.

What is the best free crossword puzzle app? ›

Whether you want a free crossword app or you're willing to pay for a premium subscription, there's an excellent crossword puzzle app for you.
  • New York Times Crossword. ...
  • Crossword Unlimited. ...
  • CodyCross. ...
  • Crossword Puzzle Free (Redstone) ...
  • Shortyz Crosswords. ...
  • Zelnut Crossword Puzzles. ...
  • 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles.
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