Bunnie XO Says She “Couldn’t Imagine” Life Without The Mother Of Jelly Roll’s 6-Year-Old Son Noah (2024)

Bunnie XO says she “couldn’t imagine” life without the mother of Jelly Roll’s 6-year-old son Noah.

On Friday (July 14), the Dumb Blonde Podcast host took to social media to share a heartfelt post introducing her followers to “Babymama #2.”

Meet Jelly Roll’s 6-Year-Old Son Noah’s Mom Melisa

“Sweet friends – Meet Noah’s beautiful mommy, Melisa 💖 I wanted y’all to get to see who Babymama #2 is because we have been so public about Bailee’s mama, it’s only fair y’all get to see & love her as well,” Bunnie began.

Bunnie went on to praise Melisa and showcase gratitude for being an incredible person and awesome co-parent.

“She’s one stand up chick & we couldn’t imagine our lives without her – she holds it down for baby Noah & us especially because we are on the road so much. It takes a village to raise these babies & luckily we have her as apart of the family. 💫 Love you girl! ✨” she concluded.

Bunnie XO’s introduction to Melisa comes just days after she proudly introduced Jelly Roll’s 6-year-old son Noah to her followers.

Many of Jelly Roll’s fans are aware that he has a daughter named Bailee Ann. But what may come as a surprise is the rapper turned country singer is also the proud father to a son named Noah Buddy DeFord. Bunnie XO recently took to social media to introduce followers to the 6-year-old boy. And by the looks of it the little tyke is just as comfortable in front of the camera as his daddy is.

Bunnie Introduced Fans To Jelly Roll’s 6-Year-Old Son

In the TikTok video posted below, Bunnie XO, who shares full custody of Bailee Ann with Jelly Roll, can be seen seated at a table as she waves Noah over to give followers a proper introduction.

“Come here. Come on,” she tells Noah, with a big smile spread across her face.Once Noah is seated in Bunnie XO’s lap, he starts to show off his adorable personality.

“My name is Noah, and my favorite color is red,” the child, who sports a blue-colored long-sleeved shirt, says before revealing his full name and age while holding up six fingers.

“You’re going to be seven!” Bunnie XO hints at upcoming birthday celebrations for the kid before Noah reveals he will turn seven years old on August 23, 2023.

“OMG! Noah is just the cutest,” one fan commented in the clip.

Sharing more about himself, fans, then learn that Noah loves Pokémon, soccer, his sister Bailee, cats and dogs, and “to play in the water and let the waves catch me.”

Bunnie XO Says She “Couldn’t Imagine” Life Without The Mother Of Jelly Roll’s 6-Year-Old Son Noah (1)

Bunnie XO Said Noah Is “Twinsies” With His Dad Jelly Roll

Along with the reaction shared in the video, fans were quick to comment on Noah’s looks, charm, and personality. And Bunnie XO didn’t hesitate to reply with some sweet words of her own.

“Gosh, he looks like his dad!” One person captioned, to which Bunnie XO replied, “Twinsies!”

“He was so determined to say his full name! What does he call you?” Another person questions, with Bunnie XO inserting a smile and heart emoji into a response and confirming, “Bunnie.”

Bunnie XO Says She “Couldn’t Imagine” Life Without The Mother Of Jelly Roll’s 6-Year-Old Son Noah (2)

Noah’s Mom Approved His Participation

Another person recalled, “I remember when his bm (birth mom) didn’t want to bring Noah into the spotlight. I’m so happy for y’all! You’re a great bonus mom!”

Bunnie XO, then shared: “We asked, and she said it was OK. Always mama-approved first.”

As with Noah’s birth mom, Jelly Roll is primarily quiet on social media and publicly about Noah in respect of his mother. However, in 2016, Jelly Roll took to social media to share a post when Noah’s mom welcomed him into the world.

“Welcome to Earth,” he captioned a photo of his son, who weighed 9lbs 12oz, in the hospital nursery.

“God Bless this Child to be everything I am not! Noah Buddy DeFord! I pray he nor Bailee ever have to pay for their father’s sins,” Jelly Roll wrote at the time alongside a photo holding his son for the first time.

A few days after his son’s birth, he also shared a rare photo of himself with both of his children. In the picture, Jelly Roll holds baby Noah in his arms while Bailee Ann appears behind her dad.

“Family Time – Noah Buddy DeFord and Bailee Ann DeFord! She’s so happy to be a big sister! I’ve seen it all, and nothing compares to this!” Jelly Roll, who, according toThe Bobby Bones Show, has his son’s name tattooed above his eyebrow, wrote at the time.

Jelly Roll Shared A Rare Photo With His Son In 2022

On another rare occasion, Jelly Roll shared, on Instagram, two snapshots of himself backstage at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. In one picture, he appears hand-in-hand with Noah, while in the other, he carries his child in his arms as Noah joyfully smiles back at him.

“One thing I pride myself on is being rooted in family. You will almost always see me with my daughter, my wife, and my nieces. I’m very close with my brothers and cousins. I’m close with my sister. My Uncle and Aunts,” Jelly Roll begins in a message alongside the images taken in 2022. “This picture means the world to me because I don’t talk or post about my son very much, and that’s for respect of his mother and her privacy”

“This was taken backstage at the Ryman. He came to see his daddy perform for the first time at the hometown show. My entire family literally my WHOLE family came to that show,” he continued. “I’ll be posting a photo dump from that show soon. It was truly special.”

New Album WHITSITT CHAPEL, Preparing To Embark On Backroad Baptism Tour

Additionally, Jelly Roll recently released his first country album entitledWHITSITT CHAPEL. The 13-track project, which contains singles “Save Me” and “Need A Favor,” debuted at the top of theBillboardTop Rock & Alternative Albums chart and at No. 2 on theBillboardCountry Album chart.

On July 28, Jelly Roll will embark on his 44-date headlining arena Backroad Baptism Tour. The first stop on the trek begins at Bank Plus Amphithea

Bunnie XO Says She “Couldn’t Imagine” Life Without The Mother Of Jelly Roll’s 6-Year-Old Son Noah (2024)
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